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  • Pro Bono Assistance with starting a VA Disability Claim
  • Veterans Disability Claims Appeals
  • Representation in front of VA Board of Appeals

Attorney Christopher Dort is an Accredited Attorney Representative by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for VA Disability ClaimsHe is admitted to practice in front of the United States Court of Appeal for Veteran's Claims in Washington, DC. 

As the son of a 100% service related disabled veteran of both the USAF and US Army, he received veteran's dependent benefits that made him succeed in college and law school.  He understands the value, and frustrations of veterans' benefit claims.

Approximately 65% of Veterans Disability Claims denied by the VA contain reversible errors.  There is an appeal process for denied claims. Attorney representation can help. Attorney representation can help you perfect your right to appeal, and maximize your chances of a favorable award. 

New evidence?
Has a service related disability become worse?
Need to get your service records to prove an injured happened?

Attorney Dort can offer free help and answers to questions for many Veterans who want assistance completing or understanding their initial VA disability claim.  There are also contingency fee based services for Veterans who want to appeal a denial of benefits or decision based on VA error.

Our general contingency fee for accepted VA disability claims appeals is usually 20% of the award of back pay only.  It is payable only if the disability claim is paid by the VA.  Fees may vary depending on the situation.  Our legal fees on VA Disability Claims are always approved by the VA before we get paid.

There are no upfront legal fees for Attorney Dort's legal services on VA Disability Claims.

If you have been denied Veterans Benefits, or a Veterans Disability Claim, contact Attorney Dort to request a free second opinion.

If you have questions about a VA Disability Claim you may have, email us at info (at)  

You can also use our free attorney services Log-in Portal to submit questions and/or documents that are complicated or sensitive in a secure encrypted communication.  Just let us know that is your preference.

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