Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

Request a Free Case Review for Civil or Personal Injury

I will tell you exactly what I think your case will take to get paid, how much it may be worth, and how long it will take.  I often charge a contingency fee as a percentage of the payout (20%-38% depending on risk involved) and will advance all litigation costs on cases where liability is in your favor.  It is possible that there will be no out of pocket cost to get your personal injury case or claim moving forward if I agree to take your case.

After years of representing plaintiffs and defendants in personal injuries cases, and working for insurance companies to defend business and even government in civil suits, Attorney Christopher Dort is ready and able to make the most our of legitimate claims for personal injury or negligence.

We take a limited number of civil litigation cases, and can refer cases to other competent attorneys.  We do take cases on a contingency fee basis, subject to review of the facts and evidence.  We do provide detailed and free case reviews.  Because of the nature of these cases, a telephone or in person interview may be necessary.  So we really do not have a form for this type of review.  Contact for a discussion.

Types of cases:

Personal Injury
Auto v. Bicycle injuries
Wrongful death
Elder abuse
Anti Spam Suits Under Business and Professions Code section 17529.5

Questions?  We do our best to answer your personal injury questions for free if we can help. Leave a comment, call or send an email.