Practice Areas

Attorney Christopher Dort is licensed to practice law in all California Courts, CA State Bar (#196832).  He is admitted to practice in the United States District Courts for Northern and Southern California.  He is accredited by the Veterans Administration to serve as an Attorney Representative in Veterans Disability Claims, and he is admitted to practice by the United States Court of Appeal for Veterans Claims in Washington, DC. Former member of the Labor & Litigation Sections of the State Bar.

The majority of legal services provided at this time fall into one of the following categories.

Criminal Defense

  • Firearms Violations
  • Serious Felonies
  • Driving Related Misdemeanors (Vehicle Code section 14601.1, 14601.2, 23152, 23153, etc)
  • Bench Warrant and Arrest Recalls (Vehicle Code section 40508(a), Penal Code section 857.3)
  • Driving Under the Influence with a Collision or High BAC
  • Probation violations or revocation
  • Expungement Petitions (Felony and Misdemeanor; Prop. 47, Penal Code 17b Motions)

Attorney Christopher Dort is an Accredited Attorney Representative by the United States Department of Veterans AffairsHe is also admitted to practice in front of the United States Court of Appeal for Veterans Claims.

Approximately 65% of Veterans Benefit Claims denied by the VA contain reversible errors.  There is an appeal process for denials that Attorney representation can help you negotiate. Attorney representation can help you perfect your appeal, and maximize your chances of a favorable award.  More Info ...