One Hour Attorney Conference

Attorney Christopher Dort offers 1hr personal attorney conferences via telephone or web for a flat fee of $100.  It's easy!  Restrictions apply. See Terms of Service below.  

How It Works:

Use the Buy Now Button to make your payment.  You will then move to the Attorney Conference Intake Form to provide information about the issue you wish to discuss.  You can email documents you wish to discuss. Attorney Christopher Dort will then contact you within 2 business days to hold the conference, probably sooner if you request it on the intake form, and/or make arrangements to complete the conference.  We will attempt to make the conference time for a day/time you prefer.


Required Terms of Service and Limitations for One Hour Attorney Conference Offer: 

This offer is for up to one hour of attorney time by phone, email or web conference on a single issue, subject or matter.  It is intended to be somewhat more comprehensive and detailed than a simple free consultation.  Refunds for unused minutes are not available, and non transferable. Attorney conferences will be completed within 2 business days unless the attorney and buyer agree otherwise.  We do provide refunds upon customer request for conferences that we cannot arrange within 2 business days, or if there is a conflict of interest or if the subject matter requested is outside the expertise of the attorney.  This offer is subject to attorney availability.  Attorney Christopher Dort retains the right and option of declining to accept payment or a customer for any reason or no reason at all. There are no refunds if you do not like the advice, educational material, ideas, or information provided.  There is no continuing relationship between attorney and buyer after the attorney conference is completed. We do not guarantee any outcome or promise specific results with this service.  Questions and customer support call or text to Law Office of Christopher Dort (530) 648-0165. Additional hours may be available upon request for additional fee. Intended for California legal issues only.  This service is only offered in English. This offer is void where prohibited.  Do not use this option or offer for Veterans Disability Claims questions.  For those issues, please call or email us for possible pro bono (free) help.