Camp Fire Claims Info

Dear Neighbors,

I just returned from Chico, a place that has been a second home many times in my life.  Just sitting in the taproom, I saw the pain and loss suffered by the residents of Butte County and the Paradise area was evident, clear and real.  I drank as many Resilience Ales as my stomach can take.  I'm dying to do more for the community I love.

If you lost property, cars, a home or life of a loved pet of family member in the Camp Fire, you probably have a claim against Pacific Gas and Electric for your loss.  And I want to take your case on a contingency fee basis.

This is because early information indicates that a known problem with a power transmission line maintained by PG&E started the fire.  The facts are far from certain at this point.  The official cause of the fire unknown yet.   But if PG&E's negligence did cause this disaster, the law allows everyday people to sue PG&E to recover their losses.

Even if your loss was somehow fully covered by insurance, you can still recover losses from the real "tortfeasor" because of the "collateral source" law.  If your losses were not insured fully, you need to seek recovery everywhere you can. 

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Why hire the Law Office of Christopher Dort to handle your Camp fire claims?

1. Experience:  I have sued PG&E in the past on behalf of dozens of homeowners. 

2. Experience:  I have extensive civil and criminal trial experience in serious litigation, including insurance subrogation, insurance bankruptcy, complex cases, etc.

3. Lower Contingency Fee:  for qualified Camp Fire loss cases, I will charge a flat contingency fee of 25%, far below the current market rate for personal injury claims;

4. Less cost to you:  for qualified Camp Fire loss cases, I will advance court costs, so that you do not have to pay out of pocket to start your case;

5. Motivation and drive to get you paid:  If PG&E really caused this fire, I'm 100% dedicated to forcing them to pay my clients in full;

6. No Office visit necessary:  I can take your case without an office visit if you are out of the area, or just pain overwhelmed;

7. Online Client Portal:  My office uses a secure online portal for Clients that gives them the ability to follow the updates on their case or matter 24/7.  No need to call the office to see what is happening on your case;

8. No sales pressure:  If you call me for a free case review, I'm going to tell you how the process works, what the law says, and answer your questions.  You will talk to me, not a sales person.  If you decide to hire someone else, or are not ready, there will be no pressure;

9. No "lawsuit mill":  My law office handles a small number of litigation cases each year.  We pay close, personal attention to each case, and work to maximize the value of each case individually with skill and experience.  Some bigger law firms take large numbers of disaster cases, handle them all the same, and tried to settle them all at once at the expense of the individual facts and the client. This office is different. 

Just answers to your questions, for free.  That is my goal.  I don't want your case because it will be profitable.  I want your case to get justice and compensation for a loss that should have been prevented. I feel some of your anger, and it motivates me.

Check here for updates on PG&E liability issues.

Thank you,

-Chris Dort

Get a Free Case Review!  (530) 648 0165  Call or Text, or email