Free Case Review Offer Terms

The offer for a free disability claim review here means that your submission will be sent to Attorney Christopher Dort for a limited review and consideration to see if he can answer questions for free, provide useful referrals, or perhaps discuss the possibility of Attorney representation of a claims appeal to the VA Board of Claims Appeals at a later appointment. Attorney Christopher Dort will spend no more than 30 minutes reviewing and responding to your submission, unless an appointment for the matter is made by agreement.  It is not a complete analysis of your entire claim history, your paperwork, or collection of documents. It does not create an Attorney / Client relationship, nor is it an offer for legal services, nor a promise of Attorney services on your matter.  It's just a free quick review to see if it is possible we can help in some way, view a view to working in the public interest.

Attorney Christopher Dort requires a written fee agreement or Notice of Attorney Representation agreement prior to accepting clients for legal services, unless we have a written agreement for pro bono services.  There is no fee or charge for help on pending VA benefit claims, or potential VA benefit claims, but a written Attorney/Client agreement is required prior to the delivery of legal services on your matter.  Legal services on Veterans Disability Claim Appeals require payment of fees (on a contingency fee basis.  Although we try, not all submissions get responses. If we can help, we will contact you by email for more details, and discussion.  No office visit necessary. Attorney Christopher Dort reserves the right to provide free services to some people, and to charge others different prices for a similar service based upon ability to pay.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  We do not help everyone who seeks our help. Thank you!.