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Terms of Service

A written and signed fee agreement is required for all clients, prior to creation of an attorney client relationship with Attorney Christopher Dort. Payment for services is due in advance, unless written agreement provides otherwise.

Telephone conferences and office visits are available only by appointment. For appointment request, email cdort(at)

Pro Bono services are available for some individuals who need help presenting a VA Veterans Disability Claim. We answer some questions for free, and provide free case reviews for some requests.  Legal services are provided for a fee per hour. The hourly rate for litigation services is $200, billed at .1 hour increments, unless a fee agreement provides for a different arrangement.  Contingency fee arrangements may be available for personal injury cases. Limited contingency fee arrangements are available for veterans claims appeals.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Email or call or text (530) 648 0165 for disability accommodation options.