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Notices to Potential Clients

Thank you for using and your interest in Attorney Christopher Dort.

I am happy to provide free consultations and case reviews for most problems, and will discuss many cases in detail with clients for free.

For the year 2015, Attorney Christopher Dort is actively only seeking clients who need help with Veterans Disability Claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Services for these clients are provided for no charge unless a Notice of Disagreement has been filed with the VA.

Requests for assistance with Personal Injury claims, or Criminal Defense Matters will be reviewed for free, many be provided with free advice, and may be referred to other licensed Attorney's with the permission of the potential client as needed.

Because of the nature of this work, I cannot guarantee results in any case and I do not promise results of any kind, unless such promise is made explicitly in writing.

We do not provide refunds of any fees unless required by law or state bar regulation.

Although we may provide free consultations and reviews, I require acceptance of my fee agreement and advanced payment of any required fees/costs prior to the creation of an Attorney Client relationship.

Attorney Christopher Dort does not accept cases, claims, nor provide services for pay in Sacramento County. Attorney Christopher Dort does not provide legal services in the City of Brentwood, CA, and does not accept office visits or telephone calls from potential clients without an appointment.  Appointments can be requested by email to